Tip 3 ~ Macro photography

Macro photography

  • become familiar with the focus distance of your lens (4″ minimum)
  • light
  • composition

AE/AF lock preserves the focus and exposure on the lens so that you can recompose your shot without either of these settings being changed. To enable it, just hold your finger on the screen at the spot you want to be in focus until the blue square pulsates. When you release, “AE/AF Lock” will appear at the bottom of the screen.
(note: procedure is for iPod, iPhone)

It’s very easy to accidentally block your light source. Be aware of this and remember to let the light shine it.

Shallow depth of field is a combination of focal length, aperture, and distance. Use the out of focus area to enhance your photo.


The out of focus look in this snap I took, is natural, no added filters, just followed steps above.




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