Nettie Edwards ~ “there are no rules, just play!”

“The iPhone has triggered massive creative experimentation. I don’t consider myself to be a photographer but rather, an artist who takes photographs as the starting point for my work, and I love the fact that I have everything I need to create it, in my pocket.

“I use my iPhone as a scrapbook, and when I’m out and about, I’ll take photographs of anything that catches my eye for possible future reassembly in photographic collages and montages. Using a phone allows me to take discreet shots in places where it might otherwise be frowned upon. I especially like projections on walls in museums and the decorative papers inside old book covers found in charity shops.

“I’m constantly poking the iPhone [into] strange and slightly dodgy places, such as holes in walls, just to see what comes of it. Don’t be afraid to try this, the results can be inspiring! The woman in this image is a still from a ‘What the Butler Saw’ machine (I held my iPhone down the viewfinder, just to see if I could get a shot) on display in the railway museum where I also took a close-up of the mannequin of a boy on a rail carriage. I’m constantly amazed at what the iPhone can do, even in poor lighting conditions. In fact, low-lighting noise and lighting-flare anomalies can add texture and atmosphere to an image.

“I use a lot of textures in my work, so my iPhone photo album is full of close-up shots of urine-stained bits of concrete wall, taken in dodgy parts of towns and patchy tarmac in the midst of life-threatening city traffic. Dirty, steamy bus windows make fabulous photo filters, and I keep an old Lee theater lighting gel sample book in my pocket as a fast and dirty color filter.

“My top tip is — there are no rules, just play!”  Nettie Edwards

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