Manfrotto ~ Tips for iPhone Night Photography


Taking photos at night is one of the most challenging things you can do with the iPhone. While the iPhone takes great photos in daylight, the small camera sensor makes night photography a lot more challenging. With that said, you can still take great iPhone photos at night if you follow these tips and techniques for night photography with the iPhone.

1. Understand Light

Photography is all about light. When you take a photo, your iPhone captures the light that falls on its camera sensor, which is then interpreted and turned into a photo. You always need at least some light to take a photo. If there is no light, you can of course use flash to illuminate your subjects, but there is no such thing as night photography in complete darkness.

So by night photography we mean photography in very poor light conditions, which could happen at night when there is little or no artificial lighting or during the day at a very dark location.

We normally think about taking photos as an instantaneous process, but in reality there’s always a short period of time during which the photo is captured. In low light conditions this period has to be longer so that the same amount of light can reach the sensor of your iPhone.

Any movement that happens while the shutter is open results in blur in your photos, and that is true for both the movement of your hands and movement inside the frame. For this reason your night photos will generally have more blur than the photos you take in good light.

So anything you can do to either increase the light in the scene (turning on the lights, using flash) or to reduce the movement of the iPhone and your subjects will result in sharper low-light photos.

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