Jamie Ferreyros tip on “Glowing with Love”

“I’ve been threatened, caught, asked to delete, [and] questioned, but that won’t stop me from taking my street iPhoneography pictures. To make life less dangerous and picture pleasant, let me share with you my ‘Oscar-winning,’ ‘actingography’ style of taking pictures.

“I set my phone on silent. I then choose whatever app I’m going to use. For the most part I use my default camera. Then, I begin to walk hoping to bump into an interesting subject. When I spot one, I start acting like I’m getting a call or about to make one. I’m really doing this [in order to frame] my shot.

“When I’m close enough, I’ll make it look like I’m answering or dialing. Now I start pretending as if I’m trying to figure out who is calling, or what number I’m dialing… always pretending to be confused. This is when I’m really taking my picture.

“As soon as I get the shot, I’ll say out loud, ‘Hello?’ like I’m answering, as I walk away from my subject. When I’m at a safe distance, I’ll look at my shot and feel really glad and relieved [at] not getting caught and snapping a shot like the one above, called ‘Glowing with Love.’ ”  Jamie Ferreyros

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