Chris Belcina – Macro Photography

Macro photography is capturing extreme close-up photographs, very small subjects such as tiny flowers, insects and such. It is very different from other styles of iPhoneography because with macro photography you reveal the tiniest details of things that aren’t seen normally.

Macro iPhone photography can be quite challenging – from shaky hands to not scaring the bugs away to finding the right amount of light and avoiding the strong winds.

Macro Photography Tips

Here are a few tips I can give when starting out with macro iPhone photography:

1. Tools
a) Attachable lens. I recommend SquidCam, Photojojo or Olloclip.
b) Tripod (that is if you have really shaky hands, but in the process your hands will eventually learn how to stay still, or you can use an alternative stabilizer like the ground or the wall).

2. Lighting
Macro photography is at its best when it’s taken early morning or late afternoon, where it’s shady. We cannot capture a macro shot in direct sunlight because it will come out really bright and the details won’t be as clear. But if you do find a beautiful flower in a bright environment, just look for a shaded area and capture it.

3. Taking The Macro Shot
Adjust the distance until you get the part of the subject you want perfectly focused. Don’t take just one shot, take a dozen just to make sure you actually get it right. If it’s windy or if the iPhone keeps on shaking, I would suggest you block the wind from whatever direction it’s blowing. If you have really shaky hands, I suggest you stabilize your elbows on the ground or against the wall. And don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t come out the way you wanted. Macro photography takes practice and patience.



source: iPhone Photography School


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