Weekly photo challenge: Selfie

me…me…me… Gear: Canon Rebel xti Post Processing Apple Apps: Snapseed, Wow FX: famous places and here I am in: click photo to view 3o days App: Cartoonatic, Everyday, Viddy Selfie: 18 days of Jan 2014 click photo to view 18 days App: Everyday, Splice, Viddy my favorites: See other seflies from the weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Family . . . what is it? For Akayla . . . bonding. Akayla with her new family, born full moon day, January 15th a total of six. Gear: iPodTOoch5 Photo: App: Snaapseed: light blur Video post processing app: Splice to add music: Hamza El Din ~ Amen A look at family: perfect | yi-chingContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family”