Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

a change of yesterday to today . . . This is a new moment in time. A Facetime moment. Communicating long distance with family has gone a long way from telephones. We have caught up to The Jetson Family Space Age. Thank you Michelle W for this Week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Change

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Gear: iPodTouch  no filters One leaf, one orange, one plup, one glass of juice and a choice of one of the two drops . . .  which one is your focus? Join the challenge of ONE See the other ONE’s: Weekly Photo Challenge: One (Miffy) | What’s (in) the picture? weekly photo challenge: one | nomad, interruptedContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: One”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Medicine balls for Tibetan treasure wealth vase. The Tibetan treasure vases contain many rare, sacred substances prescribed by Padmasambhava. The vases are filled to the brim with medicine balls to create abundance. One of the most important ingredients in the medicine ball is the “mother pills.” Padmasambhava concealed many precious substances to be discovered inContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite”