Photo 101: Landmark

Reflecting the past and future at the National 911 Memorial, NYC Lens: iPhone5, no filters, frames with PhotoToaster Landmark for Photo 101 Tip: Once you’ve chosen your landmark, move around to experiment with your POV, or point of view. Earlier in this course, you’ve moved forward and backward, and perhaps climbed to a higher levelContinue reading “Photo 101: Landmark”

Cover Art – the cd

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art ~ the cd cover The original photos shot with iPhone5 Combined, edited and filtered with DianaPhoto App and added copy using TitleFX Please note: This cd cover was created for this post as an entry to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge:  Cover Art About the model: ToddContinue reading “Cover Art – the cd”

Looking at street life differently

I like the composition of this photo but am not happy with the lighting. So, in this post, I’m going to experiment with looking at this street life differently. This is the original photo. Light corrections were made with Snapseed. A blur filter was added with PhotoStudio. This really gives it a feeling of movementContinue reading “Looking at street life differently”