Phoneography Challenge: Architecture

Built in 1900    Phoneography Challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally See Other entries for Sept 23  

Phoneography Challenge: Abstraction

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Creative Writing Challenge: 2am

I had just laid my head on the feather pillow to read a chapter from “R is for Rocket” and dosed off immediately. It was but a second when my phone lit up and a familiar tone sounded to let me know that a message was in. I glanced over to the phone, and inContinue reading “Creative Writing Challenge: 2am”

Reblogged: Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

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A shot of a protest rally on the streets of my neighborhood in S. Korea.  Pulitzer Prize winning Photojournalist Barry Staver once famously said, “The best camera is the one you have with you.” There is an obvious truth to that, and these days almost everyone is equipped with…

warrior spirit

Bhutanese hand carved wood plague of four protective warrior spirits of the cardinal directions greets you at our front door. Depicted here is the Garuda. The remaining three protective warrior spirits are the tiger, the snow lion, and the dragon. Their placement garuda or kyung, and dragon in the upper corners, and tiger and snowContinue reading “warrior spirit”

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ the Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

“For this inaugural phoneography challenge, document where you live using your camera phone to snap a picture, then create and publish a new post from your app with just your phone.” Click here to: Read more about the challenge. Living with the Redwoods, my neighborhood condensed: 1. The back road flooded this year. 2. Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ the Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood”