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Have you noticed that battery time diminishes quickly with this new operating system? On hour out and I need to shut down or find a source. Photojojo just added this to their lineup, the power purse. I ordered one today for my iPodTouch5. If you decide to do the same, use this link to getContinue reading “power up”

Wish List 12-23

A simple rotating stand for your iPhone or compact camera that helps you take pro-quality 360° timelapse videos …The Camalapse The Camalapse’s intuitive design makes it easy to use. Simply attach your compact camera or your camera phone (just pick up Camalapse Mobile, it includes a smartphone clamp tripod mount), then point your lens whereContinue reading “Wish List 12-23”

Wish List 12-22

  iStablizer Shutter Remote Use the Shutter Remote to control Keynote® presentations on your Mac (currently not compatible with Keynote® on iOS devices). Control music and movies directly on your Mac with Shutter Remote’s media buttons. Take Pictures Listen to Music Play Movies Activate siri Start Navigation Additional Details Compatible with: all generations of iPhone,Continue reading “Wish List 12-22”

(NEW) In-Car Electronic Holder And Charger For iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5 on Ebay

Originally posted on Gadget Vision:
(NEW) In-Car Electronic Holder And Charger For iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5 on Ebay Price: $29.99 Plus Free Shipping This is a Electronic In Car Holder and Charger for Your Iphone 5 and ipod Touch 5. This is perfect if your Iphone has a GPS App Installed and you would…

Wish List 12-18

The lightweight KICK Pocket Sized Lighting Studio from Rift Labs is an LED light that gives you a wide range of creative lighting controls for photo and video use. The KICK features manual brightness and color temperature controls, while adding full color control, animated lighting effects, and light sampling features via the free iOS app.Continue reading “Wish List 12-18”