Creative Writing Challenge: 2am

I had just laid my head on the feather pillow to read a chapter from “R is for Rocket” and dosed off immediately. It was but a second when my phone lit up and a familiar tone sounded to let me know that a message was in. I glanced over to the phone, and in my zombie state tried to refocus and readjust my eyes to the brightly back lit screen. It looks like a photo . . . I thought to myself, “It looks like dim sum”. I checked the time. It was 2am, time for the Creative Writing Challenge: 2am.

Created, photographed, edited, posted from my iPod Touch 5, Photo Studio App, Snapseed App

My favorite quickie lunch: dim sum.
This is also a quickie post as my entry for the phoneography, weekly photo challenge: lunchtime

The WordPress Quick Tip on Getting the Good Shot

The Daily Post

Here at Daily Post, Phoneography month is nearly half finished and we’ve been inspired to see the amazing photos you’ve shared since the start of March, from a photographic perspective on being bipolar, a 360-degree panorama of Leeds, England, to a protest rally in the streets of South Korea. We’ve even been able to follow a runner on their morning run and enjoy the last textures of winter.

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Reblogged: Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

When the Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood came out, I remember seeing this image. This photo, a moment frozen in one click. It’s just a photo, but it’s impact is strong. I grew up in 60’s, the era of rallies, protests, freedom and love. So this image brings back memories I wash out.

Today, a week later after the start of this challenge, I revisit this photo. I just happen to see it on the “Freshly Pressed” page and clicked on it, not knowing or not remembering anything about it.

Today, I don’t wash out this image from my mind. I stay with it and go passed the emotion.

Today, Frank and I have a victory. Congratulations Frank Cademartori!

Endless Frame Photography

A shot of a protest rally on the streets of my neighborhood in S. Korea. 

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Phoneography Challenge: My neighborhood in panoramic

Looking to the ridge top

An afternoon walk to the pond

Pond pathway

Panoramic photos shot and posted via eMail to using iPod.

This posting is part 2. Check out part 1

Wishing peace, happiness & love!

༄། བསོད་ནམས།།

serengetti2day 314

Shot w/iPad, edit with Snapseed App, eMail from iPad to my

Virtually yours,

warrior spirit

Garuda, one of the four protective warrior spirits

Bhutanese hand carved wood plague of four protective warrior spirits of the cardinal directions greets you at our front door. Depicted here is the Garuda. The remaining three protective warrior spirits are the tiger, the snow lion, and the dragon. Their placement garuda or kyung, and dragon in the upper corners, and tiger and snow lion in the lower corners.

They are also an integral part of the rlung ta (wind horse) composition of prayer flags. The wind horse is typically shown without wings, and carries the Three Jewels or Wish Fulfilling Jewel. Its appearance is supposed to bring peace, wealth, and harmony. The ritual invocation of the rlung ta usually happens in the morning and during the growing moon. The wind horse flutter in the wind, and carry the prayers to heaven like the horse flying in the wind.

Read about wind horse and enjoy an online novel by Richard Friedericks Windhorse Rising.

photographed with iPodTouch5


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ the Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood


“For this inaugural phoneography challenge, document where you live using your camera phone to snap a picture, then create and publish a new post from your app with just your phone.”
Click here to: Read more about the challenge.

Living with the Redwoods, my neighborhood condensed:

1. The back road flooded this year.
2.  Prayer wheel suspended from a redwood tree on our path.
3. A foggy morning at the meditation center, Pema Osel Ling, just up the road.

1. Welcome to our outside world where we live 9 months of the year.
2. Redwood trees are our neighbors.
3. Looking up one of the redwood trees from our corraitos garden from # 1.
4. Salmon on our path by Dennis Patton, Marin metal sculptor.
5. Buddha in meditation hangs on a redwood tree in the corralitos.

See my panoramic neighborhood.

An added delight. Meet Serengetti – he loves the redwoods too.


Enjoying phoneography from my iPod Touch 5 and the App, Mixel collage App
note: this posting created entirely with App using my iPod Touch 5 , photos, editing. Great challenge. Thanks Cheri Lucas!

I must admit, I like the lazy way of posting via email. But this challenge was my “do something different”. And I really enjoyed it!


my first blogagaini video post

early signs in Marcie’s garden


 Ah . . .

return of light

warming temperatures

mingle with coolness of day

re-birth of greens

staging budding flowers

and birds sing on

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