Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge ~ Wk 9

Double Exposures     This photo is from a post March last year on the Apps I Use Pages. My PicTwo pictorial infographics: PicTwo is  one my favorite apps in my Darkroom.  I’ve used it for a few photos on blogagaini. What do I like about PicTwo, variety. Do you just love that? Do you remember these?Continue reading “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge ~ Wk 9”

Snappy H’appy ~ Wk 7

Turning a photo into sketches  for  Snappy H’appy ~ Week 7 I really enjoy the transformation of photos into art. This is my submission using apps currently on my iPod. One of the Chinese children’s hats from the collection of the “Hats Off!” an exhibit from 2013 at the Chinese Historical Society of America MuseumContinue reading “Snappy H’appy ~ Wk 7”

Snappy H’appy ~ WK6: Color Filters

Meet my model this week Blue, named after one eye being blue (left and right eye, brown.) Blue is a Boston Terrier and he LOVES attention, which made the photo shoot easy. The Snappy H’appy challenge is hosted by We Live in a Flat & FireBonnet. Halfway though our 12 week challenge The Week 6 challengeContinue reading “Snappy H’appy ~ WK6: Color Filters”

Snappy H’appy Wk 5 – Light leak

My original photo below had a natural light leak which I captured having the right circumstances of my iPodTouch5 nearby, the light and the right moment. Don’t you just love that!? The Mexture Nebula enhanced the photo. I couldn’t really do much with the original photo without doing too much. What do you think? Gear:Continue reading “Snappy H’appy Wk 5 – Light leak”

Snappy H’appy: WK 3 Watercolour Apps

 Do you recognize this photo? Yes, previously posted as black and white for Michelle’s  Weekly Pet Challenge. I love the canvas quality of this filter and with the photo edit, it has the feel of a watercolor, which is this week’s Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge. (For this challenge, I used an App I had onContinue reading “Snappy H’appy: WK 3 Watercolour Apps”