port costa gallery

Port Costa fogged in … My eye caught a shimmer of a slight reflection of the sun. Shot from an Amtrak train: Capitol Corridor, with inherent iPhone5 camera, no filters, no post processing. A “WP on the Go” post of a page from my “This is Note” App and sent from my iPhone as “PostByeMail”Continue reading “port costa gallery”

Recommended Reading: “Platforms Are Overrated”

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
When you have to make a choice about how to spend your writing time, choose your book first. Every. Single. Time. To approach your writing career any other way is a mistake. — Stephanie Bane, “‘Platforms’ Are Overrated“ Note: We share this reading recommendation with our entire readership, but…

Hipstamatic combos and images

Originally posted on Craig Poltock:
Hi, I’ve recently realised i’m shooting with the hipstamatic app more and more! I have about four or five different camera apps loaded onto my iphone including camera+, camera pro, 645 pro and others, but the go to app seems to be Hipstamatic time and again and here’s some reasons…