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  Truth is we are all on the same playing field essentially and are all capable of making the same decisions and mistakes as each other. The cream will always rise to the top and the greats will always emerge from us lesser mortals. So enjoy and take pleasure in our hobby and essentially ifContinue reading “Find Craig Poltock on blogagaini’s sidebar”

Hipstamatic combos and images

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Hi, I’ve recently realised i’m shooting with the hipstamatic app more and more! I have about four or five different camera apps loaded onto my iphone including camera+, camera pro, 645 pro and others, but the go to app seems to be Hipstamatic time and again and here’s some reasons…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Endurance / Travel Theme – Strong

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β€œThe strength we find within ourselves gives us endurance and perseverance.” Ellen J. Barrier (4 photos) TWO BUTTERFLIES Our challenge this week, Endurance, has caught me feeling a bit philosophical, as has Ailsa’s Travel Theme, Strong. As always, there are many ways to interpret the concepts. For some literal…

Combo Apps/befunky update

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Befunky had a huge update recently, the app had a total overhaul from the ground up. The design and UI has been redesign to fit with the iOS 7 theme along with added tools and features. There’s even a social network within the app to share your…

Silhouette : How I Got the Shot

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I love coming up with excuses to take photos of my son Alec and his beautiful girlfriend Cindy. They started dating when he was 13 years old. For the past five years I’ve photographed their anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and of course Valentine’s Day. One Valentine’s Day we planned a…

Iphone image workflow and evolution.

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Hi, Thought I’d post another manipulated image today, with an explanation as to how I achieved it and what apps I used. Also the different ideas and how the image evolves. Here’s the final image which I titled Recollections. I wanted a slightly unnerving appeal with the main character in…