Phoneography Monday: Food Photography

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bananas Bananas beautifully arranged @ Fins Coffee, Santa Cruz. If you are in the area, stop by. My favorite is an affogato, and Fins has the best around. Check out posts from the Phoneography Monday  Community: WoollyMuses Sustainabilitea We Live in a Flat The Palladian Traveler Gracie, Polly and Sally  began the…

Tips: black and white 

  Meet Ama-la. Ama-la is a 92 soon-to-be 93 year old Tibetan woman now living in America.  Camera: iPidTouch5  App: Snapseed I found a very informative article on black and white photography for an iPhone, which I’m sharing here. It also suggests a number of apps. I hope you enjoy it too.  Nowadays lots of people love toContinue reading “Tips: black and white “

Favorite Mobile Photo Apps – Periscope by Twitter

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?? So there’s this new app by Twitter called “Periscope.” It is not a photography app per se, but it does utilize your iPhone’s ?video camera and opens up the world of on-the-go live broadcasting. Normally, I am not an in front of the camera chat type. As a…

Combo Apps/Tayasui Sketches with AutoPaint and AutoColor

Originally posted on COMBO APPS: Mobile Extreme Editing: Tayasui Sketches had a recent update and added Auto Paint on the iPad version. It’s really cool because now you have the ability to paint over your own photos with a little more control over painterly apps. On the iPhone version it’s called Auto Color.…

100 best iPhone photos of 2014

A share from Emil at the iPhone Photography School Click Here To See These Incredible Photos These photos are a testament to how much the iPhone camera can do in the right hands, and they make me really proud of the entire iPhone photography community. In case you’re still not convinced, this post will prove that youContinue reading “100 best iPhone photos of 2014”