iPhone Photography Apps You Need – Paul Brown


‘How many iPhoneography apps do you really need? Well we need a camera replacement app for sure. The bundled app may be very capable but it has no timer, no individual focus and exposure capability and obviously we’re incapable of holding the thing square without a leveling horizon indicator or exposing correctly without a live Histogram. A Histogram is ‘a diagram consisting of rectangles whose area is proportional to the frequency of a variable and whose width is equal to the class interval.’ Go on I’ll have 2 please.

So I’ve got my camera replacement app but then I read a blog and I have to have a better camera replacement app. Then of course it is essential that I have a specialist black and white app oh and that thirty six app looks exciting and Hipstamatic well nobody should be without that!

So I’ve captured all these images. Some look pretty good. Some I’d like to tweak. Oh, I’m going to need more apps. The last thing I want to do is transfer my images to laptop and play around in GIMP or Photoshop, that’s just not cricket as we Brits say. Then I bump in to some guy called Skip who says iPhoneography is a glorious art form and ‘Did you know you can convert that great image into something resembling a painting.’ Oh, I’m going to need more apps…

I don’t know what the answer is. Sorry!

The apps in this index are all apps used in workflows shared on Skipology. They represent some of my favorite iPhoneography apps, that much is true but there are many apps out there I’ve never used. Some I may have used and just not understood. Others I use often but maybe don’t feature on the workflows I share. It is not an exhaustive list’.  Continue >>>

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