Mayflower Chinese

Chinese dining was something special growing up. We knew there was reason to celebrate when we went out to a Chinese restaurant.

As an adult and in these current times, Chinese cuisine as well a number of international foods are on our common table.

What is special anymore???

What is special to you?

Shadows in my life

Only a fleeting moment in time, but an impression that will linger on


“Habits are hard to break.” A left over from childhood, crushing the milk cartons down.

What’s your good habit?


Serengetti showing off his cattowary claws.


Cuppacino with banana date nut bread

A new place in town with baked goods and a coffee bar.

Postale: Taken from one of the Norte Dame Cathedral roofs, Paris

Sent by Sonam

Pucker up for persimmons

Apple galette


Negative space


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