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A long time ago when the Cherokee people were new upon the earth…
The Cherokee creator, Ouga, placed the spirits of the many Cherokee people who died in a newly created tree called a~tis~na tlu~gv pronounced “ah-see-no loo-guh”, cedar tree . . . read more


When Mercury is retrograde the other planets appear to be traveling backwards.
This illusion is the retrograde motion. Today begins the first of three in 2013.

Feb 23 ~ Mar 17
Jun 26 ~ Jul 20
Oct 21 ~ Nov 10

fog bank


Today begins Mercury + Pisces =  fog bank

The planet of rational thinking, communication, media-data&information, equipment will be backwards in the heavens until Mar 17. Yikes!

The significations of Mercury are not to be trusted: Communications get delayed or misunderstood, your everyday routine run into problems, equipment malfunctions occur more than usual. My cell phone is already having problems!

This Mercury retrograde period will be especially problematic due to the influence of Mars, which is barely 3 degrees away from Mercury when it goes retrograde. Mars distorts the energy of Mercury, making mistakes more likely

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

One step at a time

༄། བསོད་ནམས།།

escape to Pleasure Point

eMail post from iPod

༄། བསོད་ནམས།།

mouth @ Lake Laganitus

first blogagaini email post . . .

cappuccino @ the end of the rainbow

A cappuccino at the end of the rainbow . . .

Tamalpais . . . my first instagram post

1st Instagram post 2011-04-18

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