my other blog is not an iPod blog

I am sorry to say a “neglected blog”, Eye Capture You is my “it’s not an iPod blog”. I thought that I would include a link here on blogagaini. I will get back to DSLR cameras at some point, especially that I was gifted a Canon Rebel 3Ti 18MP for my birthday. But the iPodTouch5 has me currently captivated.

The story behind blogagaini. My first journal was LiveJournal, advancing to Blogger and ended up here on I have started a couple of blog sites, not really having any idea of what I wanted to do, or what it would be about. I used it as a tool to market things I was selling a few years ago. Then I started a blog as a note keeper of “how to’s”. So I have had a few here and there through the last five years. One day, I thought of getting away from Instagram. I can’t even remember why. My iPod (gen 4) was replaced with a new iPodTouch5. When that happened, I got addicted to taking pictures. Lots of pictures. So I decided to start an iPod photo blog <<< blogagaini >>>. The name is broken down into “blog” “again” “i”.  I blog again as blogagaini. I hope you enjoyed my story. And if you feel inclined, check out my it’s not an iPod blog, Eye Capture You. Live link attached to photo above.

3 thoughts on “my other blog is not an iPod blog

  1. What a great shot! I would love to own a Canon Rebel for sure but it’s like they say, it’s not the camera that makes the photo. I love your iPod shots as well. 😀

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