Still in Doubt

Periodically, I jump in to take a look at my unattended website and think I really need to do something here. My last entry we February 2022. visFor the last eight years, I’ve been working as a Social Media Coordinator and Blogging for a non profit, so I’ve had no time to spend taking care of Blogagaini.

I seem to drop in to visit Blogagaini every couple of years and to give myself enthusiastic motivation by changing themes. Today, I changed to the “Storia” theme. To my surprise, my photos did drop in as I thought it would. So until I can come back so that Sotria and I get familiar with each other, I am “Still in Doubt” about continuing with this website.

In the mean time, enjoy these photos of theTinyTodd Lily which I shot today with #iPhone12mini. Although I shot them in color, Storia seems to like #BNW much better.


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