Day 13 – selfie

Ok, I can do this right?! I never think of photographing myself, so how do I do it?
Remember lighting, rule of thirds, angles, keep it interesting … oh don’t forget the background!

Come to think of it, through the years I have taken selfies 2007-2017:

My first selfie – iPhone 2007


Remember the mirror selfie?

Creative selfies taken a couple of years ago adding photos in the lens using an iPhone App which doesn’t seem be be available anymore. PicTwo – iPodTouch1
Selfie from a reflection – iPhone5
Selfie with pet
Selfie from a PC
Selfie from an iMac – with filter

Different kind of selfies:

Feet selfie
Shadow selfie
Active selfie
Keeping it interesting selfie
Selfie in movement
Group selfie
Selfie with someone else – shooting up

I’ve come a long way…

Today’s selfie July 31, 2017 – iPhone6



There, that was a piece of cake.
Thanks for hanging in there with me.



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