Friday flow

  • The Moss Landing Work flow

Philip and I jumped in the car and just drove. But not empty handed, he with his binoculars and me with my iPod. It was one of those Sunday afternoons where you just let the wind take you and you end up wherever by chance. For us, it was Moss Landing.

I snapped and snapped and snapped. Nothing spectacular and the results were about the same, boring, boring, boring. But my eye caught something as I reviewed the photos. A double exposure.

This first image of Philip was not great. The sun just looked like a blob.


The Moss Landing Power Plant looked great for taking it across the freeway from the beach, but it’s so small.


I joined the two photos in the DianaApp to get this using the new filter, rusty.


Not so boring, aye?

Have an adventurous weekend!

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