One Four Challenge ~ #1

This is my first submission to the One Four Challenge. Thank you Robyn for hosting this challenge. 

Why I chose this challenge: I have a passion for photography but I also have a passion to create. And this challenge has the flexibility to do this. Creating is about flexibility, don’t you think?  

This is one of four: 

Moss Landing Power Plant
The Moss Landing Power Plant is a natural gas powered electricity generation plant located in Moss Landing, California, at the midpoint of Monterey Bay. The plant’s large stacks are landmarks, visible throughout the Monterey Bay Area. In 2013, the plant could produce 2484 MW.  Source:Wikipedia

Camera: iPhone5  Apps: cropped, framed  and filtered using PhotoToaster, contrast and saturation adjusted using Snapseed

8 thoughts on “One Four Challenge ~ #1

  1. Hello and welcome to the One Four Challenge! 😃
    Love your image of the stacks and your composition. Very appealling.
    Looking forward to the next processes you choose.

    Add a tag of One Four Challenge and all of our players will find you in WP Reader too 😃
    Enjoy the challenge!

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