Tibetan butter lamps burning with Prayers for Nepal.

Butter lamps (Tibetanདཀར་མེ་) are a conspicuous feature of Tibetan Buddhist temples and monasteries throughout the Himalayas. The lamps traditionally burn clarified yak butter, but now often use vegetable oil or vanaspati ghee.
Each morning Tibetans offer a lighted butter lamp, representing the illumination of wisdom,[1] along with seven bowls containing pure water (or symbolic offerings of washing water, drinking water, flowers, scent, perfumed water, food, and sound) before the images on their household shrine. The butter lamp usually being placed between the fourth and fifth bowls. At funeral ceremonies or when visiting temples and going on pilgrimage to sacred sites, Tibetan Buddhists often light a large number of butter lamps together at one time. Read more ~~~>

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion.”

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