Tips: black and white 


Meet Ama-la. Ama-la is a 92 soon-to-be 93 year old Tibetan woman now living in America. 

Camera: iPidTouch5  App: Snapseed

I found a very informative article on black and white photography for an iPhone, which I’m sharing here. It also suggests a number of apps. I hope you enjoy it too. 

Nowadays lots of people love to take pictures in black and white. Many times, they don’t really shoot in b&w, but simply apply effects to their photos. I think shooting in black and white requires a lot of study, but you can really improve your shooting simply remembering a couple of things when you are about to hit the shutter. Read more ~>>>

6 thoughts on “Tips: black and white 

  1. Lovely photos. It is hard to take the photos in black and white. Even though that was all that was available early last century. We are so used to seeing everything in colour.

  2. Thanks for sharing this article with us. It is a good reminder of what we do in B&W photography + his list/review of apps is quite helpful. Ω

      1. thanks. he mentions my very favorite b&W app—MPro. I keep it in the square format and it makes me stop and re-focus my thoughts every time I use it. Ω

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