Phoneography: Editing and Processing

This week Lens and Pens by Sally looks at Editing and Processing with Various Apps.

How I achieved this featured image for this post.

This image was taken with my iPodTouch5. My main focus and storyline is the “frother”.
I shot it in perspective with the expresso machine and coffee container to add content to my storyline..

In the Snapseed App, I jazz it up a bit giving it a different perspective using the tool:  ~> Straighten Looking at this image, I know that I want to accentuate the frothier. I highlight my subject with a “Focus” tool.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

There are two inherent in the App   ~> Center Focus   and   ~> Tilt Shift

LiveDOF App

There is a free version if you want to experiment and then upgrade to the Pro.           

I do all my editing on my iPodTouch and find it challenging to use the fine brush point with my clumsy fingers.


Today, I have selected to use “CenterFocus” in the SNAPSEED APP. I just play around until I get something I like.
 final edit is to set it in a frame. I use the PHOTO TOASTER APP.

Join the Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge
with Lens and Pens by Sally

lens and pens

11 thoughts on “Phoneography: Editing and Processing

  1. Nice photo, and thanks for the reminder about PhotoToaster. It has been since forever that I have used it and now I will have to revisit it. Ω

  2. For some reason I did not get a Pingback from you. I found you in my Reader. Really like what you did to the still life. Also great that you shared your process. I enjoyed the final image with the reflections that do give a few layers to the story the image evokes. Happy Photo Challenge.

    1. I found the problem on that pingback, one to many letters. Thanks for pointing that out. It should be working now 💞

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