Favorite Mobile Photo Apps – Periscope by Twitter

“A Thousand Words” ~> Thank you for this review.

A Thousand Words

So there’s this new app by Twitter called “Periscope.” It is not a photography app per se, but it does utilize your iPhone’s video camera and opens up the world of on-the-go live broadcasting. Normally, I am not an in front of the camera chat type. As a photographer I would much rather hide behind the lens unless I am connecting with clients over Skype or giving an online lecture or interview. But there’s something different about Periscope that has enticed me to jump head first into the world of live broadcasts.

The first thing I loved when I downloaded the app was the easy to understand interface. It is very intuitive with just three simple icons across the bottom.

The first is a television icon which is naturally where you watch live and recorded broadcasts.

The next icon is what appears to be a camera with a small red…

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