PhotoBook App Review:

2015/01/img_6953-0.jpg The is generated from your Instagram photos and ordered from your handheld device. Easy process to create and select photos. There are no adjustments for color, saturation, light etc. it’s a what you see on Instagram is what you get. So what do you get? A 4×4 photo book. The photos and book are a state of the art processing. I ordered the matte finish with 24 images for a straight up price of $14.95, which by the way includes free shipping all the way from Nederland. There are other options, one being free as a member. I love the feel of the book, so it is very inviting to flip the book back and forth, viewing each photo only finding myself mesmerized by the photos and the whole process of feeling, touching, and seeing. It is such an emotional experience that I concluded for myself, that the Fastbook is a very sensual experience. Serengetti loves that the pages open flat for easy 1-paw viewing. Camera: iPodTouch5 App: PhotoToaster

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