Who is following me today? # 469

There are so many outstanding photographers out there, wouldn’t you agree? I feel so blessed that you amazing seasoned photographers like my iPod photos and select to follow me. Thank you🙏. (Did you know that Emoji is inherent in WP now? Corny, but I love them.)

I had an insight while meditating in the bath this morning: to post a category (so my community can always find you) and title that post “Who is following me today?” My way of sharing and honoring your work. I know WP has a widget, but it only posts 50 profiles at most (if you know some little secret, please comment back. Thanks!). But “what if” you have hundreds of followers following you, and you want to share and introduce them to your community?

The first of my posts.
I have a new follower today.
Meet: Dmitrii Lezine

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