Combo Apps/Comparisons of 3 Water Reflection Apps

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COMBO APPS: Mobile Extreme Editing

Reflect Demo

I’m going to show you 3 different water reflection app. All 3 apps have their strengths and weakness but that’s not all I’ll talk about with each of the apps. The top photo was edited with Reflect+ by BrainFeverMedia.

PROS: tons of great presets, tons of special effects, fog horizon line effect, filters, detailed editing tools and detailed water reflection tools.

CONS: costs more, medium resolutions saves (2048 x 1536 and 2048 x 2048) and no video or water motion saves.

Overall it’s a great water reflection app for dramatic to fantasy editing, universal to the iPad and so many mind blowing reflection categories. But what I like most is foggy horizon line, it’s one of those types effects that sets it apart from other water reflection apps besides the many water reflection presets. The only thing I wish the developer would work on is higher resolution saves.

Flood Demo


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