Keeping Your Reader in Check

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I’m on a mobile device so I think the page view is different from what is described. I will have to investigate further.

Apple Pie and Napalm

I’ve followed a few new blogs this week. As a new blogger, I was always too nervous about tearing something up to explore the options in my dashboard. I never hit buttons to find out what they did, so I didn’t always get the most out of what I was doing.

I thought I would post a quick tutorial for new bloggers and anyone that has never had time to explore different features at WordPress.

Once inside your reader,  You should see a list of every blog you follow.  To the right of the blogs I follow, you should see a blue edit button. You need to click the edit link. There is a link on the top right that lets you see the list in alphabetical order or by the date you gave them a follow.

Underneath each blog name and link, you should see a line that tells…

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