Camera+ offered for free for the very first time


No matter if you’re only mildly into mobile photography or a seasoned photographer,
you really shouldn’t miss out on this promotion because Camera+ has never gone free since its inception in August of 2011.
Again, you can’t just follow the app’s iTunes URL to grab Camera+ for zero bucks because the offer is exclusive to users who have the Apple Store application installed on their devices.

How to grab Camera+ for free:  Instructions at idownlodblog

3 thoughts on “Camera+ offered for free for the very first time

  1. I LOVE using Camera+! It’s my favourite photo app, too bad it’s free now, after I’ve had it for almost 3 years… They do have great updates though and always fantastic humor to go with the updates. I highly recommend the app to anyone who isn’t sure about getting it.

    1. This is the first time that this App has offered this promition since its inception 2011. Thanks Jen for your review!

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