Serengetti2day ~ with filters on a hot day

 It was a hot,  h-o-t,  dry,  d-r-y  day today up here in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
How was your day? Too hot for Serengetti.


PhotoToaster: Bleach Bypass Filter
IMG_3330.JPGPhotoToaster: Serenity Filter

PaperCamera App: PastelPerfect 


The Original


The Original photo was shot with the In-Camera App on my iPodTouch.  Post process apps: Snapseed, PhotoToaster and PaperCamera.
1)  Cropped in Snapseed.

2)  Selected toy story for blur effect and saved to the camera roll.
3)  Selected the saved image and then selected a filter and saved to camera roll.

All the PhotoToaster filters are preset and fixed, but you do have full control.  

The second App I used was the PaperCameraApp, available for both iPhone and Android.
It’s straight forward. You choose the art canvas you want, no control.
Edit modes: contrast, brightness, lines and you can upgrade for 99 cents.
The 99 cents dose not buy you control, just more canvas.

Both are fairly easy WYSIWYG apps.

A skillful photographer can photograph anything well.
John Szarkowski

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3 thoughts on “Serengetti2day ~ with filters on a hot day

  1. I like the Bleach Bypass version the most. It has an ethereal quality—almost color, almost B&W. Thanks for the workflow explanation, also. I like to see how other photographers approach their work.

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