Learn About the iPhone Photography and Amazing Art of Bob Weil

Bob Weil has been a prominent name on the iPhone Photography scene for several years. His iPhone photography work is a varied mix of styles from candid shots through to mixed collage works of art. He co-manages the website iPhoneographyCentral.com, with Nicki Fitz-Gerald, which has long been one of the leading resources of information on the genre of iPhoneography.

Bob’s photography has been exhibited and showcased at a long list of prestigious events and exhibitions around the world. In 2013 he was selected as the iPhone Photographer of the Year by the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPA). His work has been exhibited at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in California and the Darkroom Gallery in Vermont. In 2012, five of his photos were recognised in the Mobile Photo Awards and he has had images exhibited at the Digital Art in New York City, the Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival, at MacWorld and the Alexander Brest Museum in Jacksonville, Florida to name but a few.

As well as being an accomplished photographer, Bob has publishing the fantastic book ‘The Art of iPhone Photography’, and has recently released an online course, ‘iPhoneography with Bob Weil’.

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