Thank you Ben for this challenge.

Another one of those beautiful candle night dinners under the redwood trees.
This shot seemed simple enough. Lots of natural candle light, no movement, close range and iPod friendly.

Luck is on my side with this week’s Daily Post Photo challenge: Nighttime because HoopCamp 2014 is here!  (HoopCamp 2014 a private retreat conference for (Hula)Hoop Dancers), and they put out an amazing nighttime performance, especially when they use LED lite hula hoops. I shot, one performer using Olympus on a monopod with the lowest “f”stop setting with the longest shutter speed. Nighttime photography is a challenge to begin, but this shoot was the most difficult because all conditions were against me. Night time, movement, bright light with shadows, distance, and dang, my camera would not focus. I welcome and appreciate all advice. There is one last performance tonight, and I want to walk away with that “great shot” with your help. Looking forward to your comments, blogagaini

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