Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge

It’s Challenger’s Choice this week, from Sally at Lens and Pens ~


Palm and shadow abstraction taken with my iPod.
Featured image ~ Apps: PhotoToaster frame with Titlefx

12 thoughts on “Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge

  1. Nice treatment. I’m not familiar with the PhotoToaster app, though I know it’s popular–what do you like about it? Do you recommend it for the iPhone 5s that’s already over-apped?

    1. Hi Jann, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      I like PhotoToaster because I don’t feel boxed in. I like to choose and have to ability to control my images. PhotoToaster is my fav for framing, and I like that it links directly to TitleFX, which I like because of the variety of fonts. I love PhotoToaster in my camera bag that I have this app on my iPodTouch5, iPadMini and iPhone5. This app is by East Coast Pixels as well as TitleFX. There is a smooth integration within the app. Then there are the choices to share and socialize! SO if you are any of these, this app is for you. (and now a station brake for info graphics…)
      I use these other apps by East Coast: Mobile Monet and Photo Motion. I have used Color Blast, but it’s not big in my camera bag. Creativity is what I am about and East Coat Pixels help me reach my expectations.
      Between you and me, I removed apps from my iPhone5 that I know I won’t use (i.e.: Apple Apps) and don’t relate to photography since photography is what I am about. Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for a wealth of feedback. (May I suggest a future blog post on your workflow with these?) You’ve given me a lot of options to check out! PhotoToaster being top on the list. Off to Procrastination Central now . . . and the info is much appreciated.

      2. Hey Jann, thanks for the shout out! Happy to hear info helped and that you are checking things out.
        Hum, workflow on this photo? This photo was unusual in that the shadow of the palm created an amazing imagine, I had to shoot it.
        The photo is as is with Snapseed adjustment in light and framed with PhotoToaster. The featured image included a title by TitleFX.
        I think that I have done one or two workflow and will get back to it. Check out my “resources” tab then scroll to “Photo Apps I Use”.
        Thanks for you encouragement. Check out my sidebar for Craig Poltock. Craig is a wealth for info and posts smooth workflows.
        If I remember, Paul Brown also has workflow on his blog. Also listed on my “resources” tab. When his page opens, click on “Skipology”.
        Enjoy the weekend!

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