Dubble App

a Dubble global creation by “@until987” and me.

What do I think of Dubble?

If you are a creative and like to manage your designs, this app is definitely not for creatives. Three choices to Dubble: yourself, favorites, the world. You can Dubble with “yourself” or your “favorites” at a price, but with the same results, no control. Who’s in control? Good question.

Thinking about this more, you can actually manipulate “yourself” and “favorites” to come up with a design you like by shortening the choices to one on one.

Two apps that I use with manageability: PicTwo and Diana

3 thoughts on “Dubble App

    1. Isn’t is crazy! I love the effect too. But, there was no edit on my part. The Dubble app takes my single photo and searched the world for an image and combines together. This one just happened to work well. I love it! There was a 75-50% ratio of not coming up with a great combination. I think that Dubble is more about the crowdsource/community to create double exposures. So one has to give up control. Thanks for your comment.

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