Weekly Photo Challenge – Endurance / Travel Theme – Strong

A very touching perspective on “endurance” that I wanted to gift to you today from Tina Schell of Trifles. Thank you Tina!

Travels and Trifles

“The strength we find within ourselves gives us endurance and perseverance.”

Ellen J. Barrier

(4 photos)


Our challenge this week, Endurance, has caught me feeling a bit philosophical, as has Ailsa’s Travel Theme, Strong. As always, there are many ways to interpret the concepts. For some literal examples of both strength and endurance, I invite you to visit my previous posts on man-made masterpiece Angkor Wat, or natural phenomena like Patagonia’s Andes Mountains  and the Giant Redwoods of California. This week however, after spending a day photographing some of Kiawah’s incredible nature, I’ve decided to address the challenges a bit more abstractly.

Take the butterflies above for example. These incredibly delicate creatures teach us the value of moving with the help of the wind rather than fighting it. How much more easily might we endure life’s challenges if we accepted the help of family and…

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