The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge Endurance

Mt Tamalpais




The Golden Gate Bridge





The name Mt. Tamalpias was first recorded in 1845, and the Golden Bridge built in 1933, was opened in 1937. I selected both because they have been monumental in my journey through life.

iPodTouch Apps: Snapseed, PhotoToaster, PaperCamera, DistressedFX, PhotoStudio

8 thoughts on “Endurance

  1. Helpful material and type of publishing.
    I think I’ll come back on this website down the line and find out exactly what else you really have in store!
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    thing with reference to soup recipes!!

    1. Bon Appétit and thanks for stopping by! Let me know when you find a great soup recipe. They are the best for our cool mountain air.

  2. I really like the bridge/mirror photo and your frameless presentation.

    1. Hi Allan! I really like that side mirror shot too! But I can’t compete against the man who walks the Golden Gate! You have amazing shots!

      1. It is a matter of Right Time/Right Place. I had the unbelievable opportunity to have 15 years of round-the-clock access to an engineering marvel. I am happy that you enjoy the photos so much.

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