morning coffee without him


Remember the iPhoneography webinar with David Molnar and Emil 1pm PST today!
Link for info

See you there!

4 thoughts on “morning coffee without him

  1. Thank you so much for alerting us to this Webinar. It is the first one that I have participated in and I learned a great deal about two apps that I have been under-utilizing for several years. It was so educational to download David’s image and actually edit it with him on my iPhone’s Snapseed app. I think that I may enroll in one of his courses and stay current with the Mobile Art World.

    1. Happy to hear you made it. I on the other hand could not connect. So sad. When I finally connected a message popped up that said the webinar was over.

      1. Check your email, I think that he made it available online for one more day.

      2. Allan, not sure what the “miso” is above ? Sometimes my typing turns into whatever when it finally posts.
        I did receive an invitation! Yay! I have until 11am. Happy to hear it was useful.

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