Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

2 Geeks @ 3 Knots

Room to breathe. Room to roam.We 2geeks can’t get enough of tidal estuaries in the South. Above: Savoring the view (and the shade!) during a break on our daylong paddle around Tybee Island, Georgia; way over yonder, a bottlenose dolphin comes up for air.

While relaxing in the shade, we enjoyed a show. Male fiddler crabs competed to attract females into their burrows by waving their claws (“Hey, baby baby baby, come on down to MY room!”) Click on video, below:

There are plenty of roomier places for rent on funky ol’ Tybee. But few are this charming:

By the way, if your bookshelf has room for only one guide to the beaches and marshes of the Eastern United States, we recommend Tideland Treasure by Todd Ballantine. The handwritten text and illustrations are adorable!

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