Shooting Mirrors

Photofocus (old site)


My last post covered the law of light that says the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflectance. In other more understandable words it means that light bounces off of a subject at the same angle as the light falling on it.

Another use for this rule is photographing something in a mirror. Here’s the simple rule: show the mirror in the photograph what you want it to show the camera. Consider the photograph below. A golden framed mirror resting on a lady’s vanity reflects a brown frame right? Look a bit closer.

Do you see "mirror, mirror in the golden frame" or "mirror, mirror on the wall?" Do you see “mirror, mirror in the golden frame” or “mirror, mirror on the wall?”

The frame is just an empty frame. All it frames is the whole mirrored wall behind it. That why the back of the frame on the left appears to be outside of the frame in front of it. It makes the…

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