Snappy H’appy ~ Week 12

The Snappy H’appy  12 weeks MIX UP

The final



stock photo 1
stock photo 2
1+ 2 = this using the PicTwo App
# 3  Apps: PhotoToaster: frame; PhotoStudio: rainbow
original: iPodTouch5
# 4  App: Waterlogue
#3 + # 4 using PicTwo App
Photo Studio: explosion blur
caption with TitleFX
Final: Postale App
It’s been a great and fun challenge, and I was happy to be a contributor. 
My image was inspired for the upcoming Weask Full Moon.
Have a great May!


5 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy ~ Week 12

  1. Wow…that one was a lot of work! I have to say that the final results are very well worth the effort, though. And how sweet of you to pay such honor to our hosts!! I especially like how you show that by creating photo edits in one app, saving them, and then taking to another app (or combining them with another app), can yield such an outstanding artistic composure. Very well done!

    I love the moon here. I also came across the app ‘Alien Sky’ during this challenge. It lets you create your own moon(s), galaxies, and other worlds. Such fun!

  2. This is awesome!!!! wow, you used all sorts of apps. I really need to start writing down which app is good for which… I keep experimenting and then forgetting. You’ve got it down! The blending worked so beautifully, and I just adore the postcard effect. another app I’m going to have to look for!

    1. Postale is currently my FAV!!! I started a few weeks or months ago (time is timeless for me) but never got into it. I wanted to capture a “love Makes the world go round” theme. So I just started posting my postale cards for now. My idea was to have bloggers post and share their “love dejour”. I’ve gotten caught up in life at the moment. I appreciate your feedback. Keep them coming!💓

  3. Wonderfully done!! The blending of the image was complex. The explosion blur and the resulting cacophony of colours really made the picture! I love this! 😀 Thank you for sharing. Delightful finale picture for your set 😉

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