Snappy H’appy ~ Wk 10


See the shining light of
Our Lady Star of the Sea, Santa Cruz

App: ColorUp


Swim with a school of  “Salmon”
by Marin Sculptor, Dennis Patton

App: PS Express: carmine




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3 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy ~ Wk 10

  1. Oooohhh, I really love the fish!! The “in-focus, out-of-focus” areas in the photo are a nice touch.

    The first photo does direct your eye to the central subject in the photo by pinpointing the color there, although I love the full and beautiful color in the second photo (even though you don’t take as much notice of the central subject).

  2. I love the fish… what a great color to choose for them. (they actually remind me of piranha) The texture on the first one is fascinating in the black and white as well as the lines of the arch. And of course the Lady is the first thing we see… Nice!

  3. Love the texture of the 1st set of photos! Have to say I love the vivid blue in #2 and it shows up the yellow so well so that’s a great photo ;)But definitely the selective colour version helps the eye focus more on the subject, rather than the vivid blue sky 😉 The salmon are cute 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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