Phoneography and Non SLR Digital Devices: Choice

Congratulations on the new title for this challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally. Formerly, Phoneography Challenge Your Phone as Your Lens, now Phoneography and Non SLR Digital Devices simultaneously kicks off with a new challenge: Editing and Processing with Various Apps using Themes from the Fourth Week.

This submission is for Wk 4: Choice and Wk 5 Editing and Processing

20140328-071207.jpgthe original

20140328-071307.jpgCropped and framed in Snapseed; DixtressedFX filters

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6 thoughts on “Phoneography and Non SLR Digital Devices: Choice

  1. I really like the effect the processing has on the original (and that you rotated it). It seems like it’s a reflection in water rather than looking up at the sky. The image is both recognizable and abstract at the same time. I agree with Sally’s observations as well. Nice job!

    1. Hey Janet, thanks for your feedback, really appreciate it. It was an interesting shot. I didn’t think about correcting the over exposure till after I posted. I am so bad, I was feeling lazy. Have a great week!

  2. The second image, which has been processed, makes it feel as though the tree is a lifeline. It makes it into a watercolor-like effect, and rotating it makes it look like it is a bridge to somewhere. Well done. Happy photo challenge.

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