Snappy H’appy ~ Wk 7

Turning a photo into sketches  for  Snappy H’appy ~ Week 7

I really enjoy the transformation of photos into art. This is my submission using apps currently on my iPod.


One of the Chinese children’s hats from the collection of the “Hats Off!” an exhibit from 2013
at the Chinese Historical Society of America Museum in San Francisco.
Gear: Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Post processing for Wk 7 were all done on my iPodTouch5

CHSA Online Exhibit

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Until next week.
Enjoy Miles Davis Flamenco Sketches


11 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy ~ Wk 7

  1. I really, really like the Mobile Monet app effects! I used that app in the “Watercolor” portion of the challenge myself. You might also want to explore PicsArt…I think that’s the one…that also has some “turn into sketch and then paint colors back in” photo effects.

    And really appreciate the Miles Davis music that accompanied this entry! A wholly different kind of “sketch”.

  2. I LOVE the 2 Mobile Monets. Is that one a free app? I could get it for my iPhone. And thanks for the Miles Davis! It’s always lovely to visit my blogging friends with some auditory inspiration.

    1. I really like the Mobile Monet. There is a free app, which I started with, but because I liked it so much, I upgraded.

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