Snappy H’appy ~ WK6: Color Filters

Meet my model this week Blue, named after one eye being blue (left and right eye, brown.)
Blue is a Boston Terrier and he LOVES attention,
which made the photo shoot easy.

The Snappy H’appy challenge is hosted by We Live in a Flat & FireBonnet.
Halfway though our 12 week challenge

The Week 6 challenge is Color Filters


 Which is your favorite?

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11 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy ~ WK6: Color Filters

  1. What a great shot to work with! Blue is quite debonair. My favorite is the B&W with the orange filter. What a great idea to use the orange on B&W. I do also love how Blue is in a field of flowers on two of the images. What fun! (I’m sorry I’m so late on responding… eeek).

  2. Hello Blue 😉 I think I will go with the Lande and Catalina filter with distressed fx. You seem to have also cut him out and parked him in a field of flowers, I wonder which environment he likes better 😉

  3. What a cutie! I like all the images, but I think my favorites are the vintage image-it is just lovely color, the b/w with the orange filter makes his features pop a little more-and I am also drawn to the Distressed FX filtered one-he looks so intent on what you are doing-
    nice job with challenge!

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