Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Serengetti framed in PhotoToaster App

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside
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Gear: iPodTouch5

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

    1. I have been a bit behind and apologize for the delay in responding. I thank you for the nomination and am touched. But I am sorry that I do not qualify for the award. I have more than 200 followers. Again, thank you for your support!

  1. Your first photo is, indeed, inside! I’m glad you showed a couple of more photos otherwise who’d have known what the it was?

    1. I snapped “Inside”while he was napping. “Outside” was more difficult, because like your cat, he would not stay still. Last shot, he was asleep even though his eyes were open. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Enjoy your week! We’ve had sunny temps of 76 degrees. No outside fun for me, till the inside fun is finished.

    1. I just could not come up with anything else inside. Happy you enjoyed it!
      Serengetti is my muse, so I fall back on him a lot. We sometimes get cabin fever up herein the mountains.

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