Green and orange

asparagus #1
asparagus #2
dried oranges #1
tangerine with dried oranges

It’s the Monday Phoneography Challenge: Macro.Unfortunately, I lost my “macro cell lens band“,
so today I used my iPadMini to shoot these images.
It’s a step up from the iPodTouch5, but the
“macro cell lens band” still wins my heart.
I hope you enjoy these images.

Images were shot with indirect lighting and back lighting.

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13 thoughts on “Green and orange

    1. Thanks for stopping by. The dried oranges are my fav as well. Texture and the unpredictability of elements. I originally shot on a teal colored cloth which seemed to deaden the orange color, so I moved onto the red orange and it brought the color back in, which surprised me.

    1. I saved the best for last, well, at least it was my favorite of the set. Thanks for the challenge. I appreciate being able to participate in your challenges. I love your feedback, the tips and the extras. All an aide in my passion. Happy week!

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