Snappy H’appy ~ Wk 4: Cut out

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17 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy ~ Wk 4: Cut out

  1. I like this! Seems to work especially well since Serengetti’s fur is a good match for the background. I had trouble with the cutout effect because it left such a hard edge, so had to workaround that. Just catching up with posts; family medical issues have kept me more than a little bit behind lately!

  2. Serengetti better watch out or he’s going to be stepped on by that giant person! I really like how his fur goes so well with the colors in the sand. Great job!

    1. Thanks! But I think that it worked only too well because Serengetti started off with the same tones. Thanks for checking out the pic and leaving a comment. I love your pup in a cup and am a fan of your work and blog.

  3. this week’s gonna be more relaxing I hope! 😉 Is that kitty’s paw prints? I love the perspective of the photo, and how the background shows some activity but its blurred to provide a more calm and less distracting yet still interesting horizon 😉

      1. Oh wow, I totally missed the slight depression in the lower part of the photo *smacks head* Thanks for clarifying 😉

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